Gray dress CLARA


Playful and pleasant dress for every day.

The dress is made of soft linen, which you don't even feel on you. The wide oversized cut guarantees completed comfort when wearing. Of course there are pockets sewn in the side seams. The waistband is slightly lowered.

The neckline in the back is deeper, V-shaped, complete with tiny glass buttons. The buttons do not need to be unfastened and refastened when dressing, the dress simply slips over the head. Mothers in the breastfeeding period can wear the neckline with buttons in the front. The buttons are handmade in a small manufactory in Jablonec, Czech Republic, which continues the old tradition of making glass buttons. It's a little jewel on your outfit. You don't have to worry about them pressing when you wear or sit.

If you are hesitating and deciding between two sizes, choose the larger one. 

If you've worn linen once, you'll want to wear it all the time. This rule also applies to this piece, which you won't want to take off anymore. Addiction is guaranteed!

Linen doesn't need to be washed often, as it doesn't get dirty very often; sometimes it's a good idea to air the dress hanging on a hanger in the shade on the balcony. Each washing softens the material.

Wash at 40 degrees, do not tumble dry.


Size S:
Length from shoulder seam to hem: 84 cm
Width at the front uncut: 49 cm, circumference 98 cm.
29 cm Sleeve circumference at the narrowest part.

Size M:
Length from shoulder seam to hem: 84 cm
Width at front waist: 53 cm, circumference: 106 cm
Sleeve circumference at narrowest part: 30.5 cm

Size L:
Length from shoulder seam to hem: 85 cm
Width at front waist: 57 cm, circumference: 114 cm
Sleeve circumference at narrowest part: 33 cm

Material: 100% washed European linen with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate


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