Turtleneck warmer



Goodbye feeling cold! I called this piece a Warmer because it is neither a vest nor a sweater, but it will reliably warm you up. There are days when the weather is changing and we don't know whether to shed or add layers. Sheep's wool is the solution to such dilemmas. Even though it looks thin, it fulfills its role honestly. It is pleasantly warm under the jacket and coat, as the top layer protects from the wind and at the same time we do not overheat in it.

The warmer is not sewn on the sides, but loose with a tie, so it adapts to any figure. It is made of 100% sheep wool from Austrian sheep from the Tyrolean Alps. When I met the owner of this family-run Austrian manufactory, I was thrilled! They take wool from regional farms and have their own sheep, they try to save endangered species that have stopped breeding due to the popularity of others. The wool is processed without any chemicals. The heat from the factory is used again in recuperation. They also recycle all production waste here. The wool is baled - washed in pure mountain water. This modification gives it durability and strength. The material is slightly elastic, adapts to any figure.

This love for craft can be seen very much in the material. I have never held similar quality in my hands. It does not scratch, it is very gentle even for sensitive skin, and you can feel the high proportion of lanolin, which guarantees its great properties, and which industrial manufacturers often deprive us of. I have a limited amount of this wool and there won't be another batch.

Material: 100% sheep wool

Size: one size, length 50 cm, slightly extended at the back, width 35 cm


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